Profile Metal Coating Systems – Girosil RC with 15 Year Guarantee

We at optimal offer a full roof coating system designed to prevent corrosion, offering long term protection incorporating advanced sheet encapsulation and laminar flake corrosion control.

Cut Edge Corrosion System – With Advanced Corrosion Control (Bird And Impact Resistance) 15 Year Guarantee

The cut edge on older roofs sheets tend to suffer from topside and reverse side corrosion caused by capillary held rainwater attacking the steel substrate at critical roof details. Girosil RC- E has been specifically developed to supersede the design limitations of old silicone treatments by overcoming both dependence on moisture free corrosion control and a vulnerability to impact and abrasion damage, especially from bird attack.

Gutter Repairs - Girosil RC-G

The Problem – Gutters are designed to hold rainwater to manage flow and control drainage which can determine there long term condition. If poorly maintained, blocked outlets, polluted standing water, silt and plant growth can all impact performance and lead to substrate failure.
The Solution - RC-G is a revolutionary new protective coating system designed to fully treat the gutter through anti corrosion treatment , joint and substrate encapsulation. RC-G seals the gutter substrate, it can accommodate movement and remains unaffected by UV and temperature. The product remains unaffected by standing water and can withstand up to 6 Bar hydrostatic pressure.

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